About Us

PM Squared

PM Squared is a premier Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which provides Australian Nationally Accredited Training -worldwide. We work closely with industry leaders and have a passion for everyone to succeed.

Our goal is to work with those who are wanting to start a new career, or even to improve themselves or their employment opporunities.

“Unskilled workers don’t get the same opporuntities.  We do  practical training for practical jobs to enable opporuntites to come to you.”

The innovation of utilising a variety of delivery methods, including face-to-face, virtual reality (VR) and online learning allows a consistent standard of training and assessment. This equates to more time being spent on the practical components, ensuring job readiness.

Mission Statement

Our mission at PM Squared is to provide client-focused training. We strive to build strong partnerships with our stakeholders by offering high-quality, practical training services.

Vision Statement

“Unskilled workers don’t get the same opportunities.
We do practical training for practical jobs, to enable opportunities to come to you.”

Our Team

PM Squared is operated by a husband-and-wife team. Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds and all bring a uniqueness to our training methods. 

Each member is valued for their skills, knowledge and their personality which brings a diversity like no other.

Message from Our Director

At PM Squared we are passionate about helping our stakeholders to achieve success and are committed to providing an exceptional level of service. We believe that they deserve the best and we are dedicated to helping them reach their goals.

Client Testimonials

Mark Thompson
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Great service, efficient communication and with lots of help and support to choose the right course. I chatted with (PH). He was very helpful and answered all my questions and alleviated my concerns
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PM2 made it easy to enrol and has been a great team to work with.
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Thanks PM2. I am enjoying the way you are teaching as you have made it interesting


PM Squared is a Nationally Accredited Registered Training Organisation  authorised to train in all states of Australia.

We have trainers and training facilities available in NSW and Qld, with trainers across Australia and Worldwide.

We offer a variety of courses. For specifics about the courses please visit training.gov.au and are currently being updated. Please check under RTO 41304 for the most current, up-to-date list

PM Squared offers courses to both the public and coporate clients.

We specialise in partnering with industry leaders worldwide.

Bachelors in Further education & Training, USQ


Paul Hetmanska has been working extensively as a Safety Manager/Advisor and Trainer to various companies on a contract basis since 2012. He has been a representative in the construction, demolition, mining, and transport industries throughout this time. Paul has been responsible for various aspects, including but not limited to completing audits and inspections, working as the Health Safety Manager, site security, Environmental advisor, Quality and Training Manager. During this time, Paul has also overseen the demolition of several of their structures to allow rebuilding to commence.

Paul was contracted to construction and demolition sites who have required his involvement in investigations and reporting to various stakeholders regarding the safety requirements and the legislated duties needed to be achieved. Paul was involved in an overseas project that required completion in accordance with Australian Health and Safety legislation, where he managed a prominent site for demolition and Asbestos removal, which required completion within specified limited timeframes Paul has been an advisor to multiple industries throughout his time here, including but not exclusive to – Mining, Demolition, Construction, Transport, Farming, Education, Main Roads, Electrical, Corporate Companies.

MBA, College of Leadership & Business


Pam has worked for over 30 years in the administration of various industries, including education, aged care and disabilities. Pam has managed teams large and small through changes within the sectors with great success and brings this skill and experience to our team.

Pam’s strength lays with working with people to achieve their personal, educational, and professional goals and seeing them succeed.

Matt Master of management (strategy), Macquarie University

Training Manager

Matthew is an expert in education, demolition and safety management with 10+ years management experience working across a diverse range of industries and projects focussing on implementation of work, health, safety environment management systems across residential & commercial projects. From his background in Industry and as a specialist he has developed market first education programs for the demolition sector.

In his professional life Matthew is a partner and shareholder (respectively) in both SD Group (AD39508) an Unrestricted demolition company and Pemulwuy Group an Indigenous Demolition and Remediation business. His ability to bring education to life and connect students with employment opportunities is second to none.

In his personal life Matthew is an avid spearo, “although not the best diver of the bunch” he is an advocate for men’s mental health and his love for sustainability see’s him involved as a manger with the Sunshine Coast Clean Up Divers and Midnight Mass a motorbike meetup group for Men’s Health in Sydney & the Sunshine Coast.

Declan Palmer
Bachelors of Arts (Politics), Nottingham Trent

Operations Manager

I am a driven individual who grew up in England and studied Politics and International Relations in university. However, I found a passion in the construction and demolition industry, working in various roles around Australia in the construction, mining, and farming industries.

My skills and experience in the industry have led you to seek new opportunities in Sydney, where I have been living for the past year. I have embraced the city as my new home and am eager to continue developing my career within the business.

Additionally, I have a passion for training and have taken on roles within the industry to help others learn and develop their skills. Being committed to my work and dedication to helping others make you a valuable asset in any professional setting.

Bachelors (Hons) Media, Film & TV, University of Lahore

head of product development & CTO

I have a great passion for learning new things & exploring different perspectives. I’ve been in the E Learning industry for 7 years as an articulate designer and as a web developer setting up all sorts of learning platforms to make online learning more engaging and visually appealing. 

My passion for e-learning started during summer break of my 3rd year of university when I enrolled myself in an online Astro-biology course from Harvard and I instantly fell in love with virtual learning. I went on to do online courses in Psychology, Anthropology, Astronomy and Cosmology from institutions such as University of Arizona & University of Queensland as well as mutiple other platforms. 

E-learning holds a special place in my heart as I was able to learn a multitude of different subjects and ideas which I would otherwise never have been able to learn living in Pakistan.

Having witnessed the pioneers of online learning firsthand, I was inspired to make engaging e-learning content using out of the box techniques. I love to keep up to date with the developments in the world of technology to see how I can use them in my work. I also love nature, animals and minimalism.

Bachelors of Nursing & Bachelors of Paramedicine, ACU


Dom holds a dual degree in Bachelor of paramedics and Bachelor in Nursing and has been training for 3 years.

He also works in a hospital as a Registered Nurse and private companies as a Paramedic and nurse for events like the Iron Man and the Tour De Brisbane.

Bachelors in Civil & Environmental Engineering, UNSW

Indigenous Support Officer

Savannah offers a unique viewpoint to her work within the industry understanding and compassion through her extensive study in both civil and environmental engineering, psychology and social work. Savannah is involved in a number of Indigenous educational programmes, and as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman and is dedicated to ensuring a better future for the community.

Growing up on Thursday Island Savannah’s connection with the country, her training, life experience and nature see’s her able to assist indigenous student’s identify & overcome their personal challenges that come up from time to time during education programs.

Bachelor of Science Major in Education Communication


KC has been working as a digital marketing specialist for more than six years, assisting businesses in promoting their products or services online and achieving their marketing objectives. She has expertise in various digital marketing channels, including local search engine optimization (Local SEO) and social media marketing. Her duties typically entail creating and implementing digital marketing strategies, examining performance data to optimize campaigns, developing engaging content for various platforms, and keeping up with the latest industry trends and best practices.

When she is not working, KC is a mother who enjoys cooking and drinking coffee. Her family and passion for food and beverages are the center of her life, and she enjoys spending time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes, and preparing delicious meals for her loved ones. Ultimately, KC’s love for cooking and coffee is a significant part of her life, and it provides her with happiness and satisfaction, particularly when shared with the people she loves.